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Kam Kam Preschool Series

Born from a bedtime poem, this short animation serves as a pilot for the series. It illustrates Kam Kam turning mundane daily activities into vibrant musical journeys, inspiring children to approach their routines with excitement and a sense of adventure.

This delightful narrative sets the stage for an 8-minute series tailored for preschool audiences, where characters dive into new, imaginary worlds on a quest to defeat the pesky monsters of Boredom.

Fimimoji: Jamaican emojis, stickers & GIFs

We’ve all been there, typing out some very Jamaican thoughts and thinking, ‘there should be an emoji for this.’

And though the digital world is vast, Jamaican options often fall short. There's a certain essence to Jamaican expressions, a unique blend of humour, spirit, and vibes. And in its absence we found ourselves improvising with available emojis, but it was always close but not quite.

Lovers Leap: Animating a legend

When Alrick Brown (Writer, Director, Producer) approached us to team up as production partners for this short, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to tell stories in which our rich, colourful heritage is seen, heard and celebrated.

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