Lovers Leap: Animating a legend

Creative Direction


Telling the story of a lifetime

When Alrick Brown (Writer, Director, Producer) approached us to team up as production partners for this short, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to tell stories in which our rich, colourful heritage is seen, heard and celebrated.


Exciting times ahead!

We were excited to collaborate with Alrick on visualizing the characters, the world, and the entire story through a storyboard and animatic. We partnered in the development process which in total, lasted over a year.

In 2022, with the help of grant funding, we were able to produce our first animated trailer for our own short film! We shared it on Twitter, IG and Youtube to overwhelmingly positive responses. We’ve always believed that with a culture as rich as ours, many of us are hungry for age old stories like these, told in new ways. And the responses online helped prove that.

We’re pretty proud of what we accomplished with the help of USD $10,000 in grant funds, which covered development, preproduction and the trailer. We now have proof that it can be done, but more importantly, proof that people want to see the finished project.


Take the leap! Join the community

As we bring this captivating story to life, we invite you to be a part of this journey by contributing here. With a goal to raise $50,000 for the production, every contribution brings us closer to sharing Lover’s Leap with the world. It’s a chance to be part of a project that celebrates love, freedom, and the rich tapestry of Jamaican culture.

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