Kam Kam Preschool Series

Art Direction
Character Design
Creative Direction
Script Development


A Jamaican story... to di world!

Born from a bedtime poem, this short animation serves as a pilot for the series. It illustrates Kam Kam turning mundane daily activities into vibrant musical journeys, inspiring children to approach their routines with excitement and a sense of adventure.

This delightful narrative sets the stage for an 8-minute series tailored for preschool audiences, where characters dive into new, imaginary worlds on a quest to defeat the pesky monsters of Boredom.


From bedtime to big time

This concept for an 8-minute series, now in development, promises to captivate preschoolers with its blend of education, music, and imaginative storytelling, setting a foundation for a show that entertains as it teaches.

Central to our vision for "The Adventures of Kam Kam" is the deep integration of Jamaican culture, ensuring that the series not only entertains but also educates about the rich diversity of our heritage.

Our background in music production helps us to create memorable songs that reflect the vibrancy of Jamaican music, encouraging children to dance, sing, and remember these lessons long after the show ends.


Award winning concept

"The Adventures of Kam Kam" emerged as the Best Concept award winner at Kingstoon 2019, showcasing the imaginative story of 5-year-old Kam Kam and friends.

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