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Creative Caribbean collaboration

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in collaboration with JAMPRO, initiated the Caribbean Cooperation Business Model project aiming to foster growth and innovation within the regional animation sector.

To effectively communicate the project's mission and benefits to stakeholders across the Caribbean, they needed a compelling launch video.


'Spark the Fire'

We first created a concept doc outlining the project objectives. These included contextualizing the CDB's investment in the project and expected impact, clarifying the project's goals, and cultivating engagement by identifying participants key for the project's success, from animation studios to policy makers.

Our proposal, 'Spark the Fire,' envisioned the Caribbean's creative spirit as a beacon of innovation, ready to illuminate the global stage. Collaborating with Trinidad's Farr Creative, our animation team produced a vibrant and engaging video that effectively elevated the program's profile among its intended audiences.


Regional collaboration comes to life

The 'Spark the Fire' video successfully communicated the project's vision and operational blueprint, fostering enthusiasm and support among a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

The collaboration between ListenMi and Farr Creative was not only seamless but also fruitful, resulting in a product that resonated with viewers and stakeholders alike.

"Strong Creative Ideas"


"Working with ListenMi was a pleasure.

They were responsive, professional, had strong creative ideas, and delivered based on our expectations. Looking forward to future opportunities to work with this dynamic team."


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