The World of Serge


Launch with a splash

Serge Island was set to revolutionize the dairy industry with its first-ever locally produced Lactose-Free Milk. Aiming for a memorable introduction, they tasked us with creating a dynamic launch campaign.

Our challenge was to debut their innovative product with a splash, ensuring widespread awareness and excitement among consumers.


Bring the World of Serge to life

3D Animated World: We crafted an engaging TV advertisement set in a vibrant 3D animated world of Serge, capturing the essence of innovation and quality.

#LookatMilkNow Campaign: Through captivating motion graphic videos and a creative series of radio ads, we brought the campaign's message to life, emphasizing the versatility and inclusivity of Serge's milk products.

Comprehensive Production Services: Our team handled multiple aspects of the campaign, from audio production, 3D animation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and casting, to crafting impactful TV 2D motion graphics.

A Milk for That Campaign: Building on the initial launch, we produced a series of radio ads for the follow-up campaign, such as 'A Milk for That,' highlighting Serge's range of products catering to various dietary and nutritional needs.


Look at milk now!

This TV ad formed part of an integrated marketing campaign introducing the 'World of Serge.'

Household favourite

High loyalty for Jamaican lactose-free alternative

The launch campaign made a significant mark, with the TV ad reaching over 25,000 views on Facebook alone. This multifaceted approach not only introduced Serge's Lactose-Free Milk with the bang they desired but also firmly established the brand as a versatile and consumer-centric choice in the dairy market.

Moreover, the campaign has fostered remarkable brand loyalty among consumers. As one customer recently expressed, "If I go to the supermarket and don’t see Serge, especially the Lactose-Free Milk, I’m not buying another brand."

Facebook views

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