CB Group brand strategy


Uniting Divisions

Establishing a cohesive brand identity that resonates across various business units can be a formidable challenge. CB Group, with its wide array of strong brands and multiple divisions, wanted to do just that in order to leverage its group's strategic and marketing resources.


Define the brand story from within.

Brand Situational Analysis and Audit: First we did a comprehensive review of the existing brand landscape within CB Group. We talked to people across various divisions to uncover critical insights into the opportunities for greater potential alignment.

Crafting the Brand Story: From the insights gathered, we workshopped the development of a cohesive brand strategy, mission, and vision with core teams. This foundational work was crucial in articulating CB Group's identity, purpose, and aspirations. To ensure consistency in messaging across all touch points, we created a detailed visual brand guide.

Engaging Digital Presence: Leveraging the newly defined brand strategy, we revamped CB Group's website. The goal was to not only reflect the unified brand identity but also attract individuals passionate about the group's mission and values.


Reach and Connection

CB Foods, a division of CB Group, wanted to tell their story for the very first time. We were excited to conceptualize and create the brand's very first messaging campaign, which all began with scripting the essence of 'Live Better'.

This inspired the visual and radio ads as well as the signature Live Better logo design we created to capture the heartfelt mantra. We featured the poignantly nostalgic photography style of Adrian McDonald whose aesthetic was a perfect fit with the inspiring, hopeful message of what it means to build a ‘better Jamaica.’

The video above reached over 70,000 persons in its first 2 weeks on Facebook.

Snapshots from the Live Better campaign.

One Group, One Mission

Increased Customer and Employee Engagement.

Empowered and Engaged Employees: CB Group witnessed a 60% increase in employee engagement. The clear articulation of the group's mission and roles galvanized teams across divisions, fostering a shared sense of purpose and direction. CB Group also uses the brand identity to attract candidates who resonate with the company's values, further strengthening the organizational culture.

Enhanced Digital Engagement: A 48% increase in organic site visits, a 35% boost in user engagement, and a surge in job applications underscore the external appeal of the revitalized brand on the redesigned website.

The team reported a
Increase in employee engagement.

Their new, engaging and responsive site has resulted in a:


increase in site visits through organic search.


increase in user engagement, and a notable rise in job applications.

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