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Jamaica no problem!

Giphy Arts, a division committed to elevating artistic voices on the global gif platform, identified a cool opportunity to use Jamaica as an entry point to the region.

Eager to diversify their artist roster with more Caribbean flair, they approached us with an exciting challenge: to create three open-themed animated shorts that would resonate widely and showcase the rich cultural perspective of the Caribbean.


Augmented Storytelling

We embraced the challenge by crafting a concept around one theme that stood out to us in our shared pandemic experience—our remote work lives.

We then assembled a talented team of Jamaican animators and illustrators who understood the Caribbean perspective and culture, and created three distinct animated tales centred around personalities we all could empathise with:

  1. Plant Mom: An eccentric woman with a newfound passion for plants.
  2. Office Vampire: The nocturnal worker who rejects daylight for the glow of computer screens.
  3. Gig Guy: A versatile worker who tries his luck in various virtual trades.

The animations premiered at an Augmented Reality event, capitvating over 80 excited visitors with a blend of technology and storytelling.


Wow, definitely didn't expect to see all this when I came. You guys always exceed expectations! This is cool! Good job.

Sam H.


Our creative journey and impact

Wide Audience Reach

"Remote Work Tales" garnered 19 million views on Giphy and featured on the official GIPHY/RokuTV platform. It also inspired action. Moved by the visibility of the work, over 20 Caribbean digital artists joined Giphy over the next 7 days.

Beyond the numbers, the animated shorts fostered a sense of community and shared experience. They highlighted the creative resilience and adaptability that have defined our response to the pandemic.

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