Giphy Arts: Once upon a draw

Creative Direction


Animating Jamaican Folklore

We got yet another chance to collaborate with Giphy Arts on a theme of our choosing.

This time we took the chance to help them broaden their reach to the Caribbean while celebrating our cultural heritage.


Draw for the Culture

We decided we'd bring to life some of the spine-tingling characters we were told about in our childhood.

From the fiery transformation of Ol Higue to the menacing glare of the Rolling Calf, the mystical allure of River Mumma, and the clever antics of Bredda Anancy, our mission was to capture the essence of these legendary figures in a way that was both authentic and fun.


Nuff love

Within 30 days, the animations amassed over 3,000 views on Instagram and a staggering 30 million views on Giphy.

The video engagement helped reaffirm for us the deep connection many feel to the rich tapestry of Jamaican folklore.

This project not only expanded Giphy's reach further to a Caribbean audience, but also enriched the tapestry of animated storytelling, bringing a piece of Jamaica to the world.

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