KIG: Nurturing connection in crisis

Concept Development
Art Direction


Showing we care, respectfully

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kingston Industrial Garage (KIG), an esteemed auto sales and service firm, recognized the need to reaffirm its connection with customers and the community at large when the world was grappling with uncertainty and the new normal of staying home.

KIG aimed to go beyond traditional customer engagement by conveying solidarity and heartfelt support. The task was to strike the right chord without appearing opportunistic, ensuring the message was one of empathy and support. It was crucial for KIG to showcase its values in action, reminding customers that their welfare was a priority, even when business operations were disrupted.


Celebrating the real heroes

Our approach centered on humanizing the narrative by spotlighting real heroes of the crisis – healthcare workers. Collaborating closely with KIG, we developed a series of animated shorts designed to capture the essence of a healthcare worker's daily life during the pandemic, emphasizing their dedication, sacrifices, and the crucial role they play in our safety.

Leveraging our expertise in digital branding and animation, we created engaging and emotive animations that to communicate the message of solidarity and appreciation for healthcare workers.


Enhanced brand perception

The KIG Care campaign helped bolstere KIG's image as a compassionate and community-oriented brand.

By focusing on the collective experience and showcasing genuine support for frontline workers, KIG strengthened its connection with social media audiences

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