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Helpful tools, low awareness

The Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal (JAMP) is a civic organisation that has developed online tools to help citizens track the performance of their Members of Parliament (MPs) performance and monitor their government's accountability.

However, while citizens are demanding more transparency and results from their MPs, they are unaware of or misinformed about how existing laws empower them to change things, and therefore doubt they even can.

JAMP wants to convince dissatisfied Jamaicans to take action and show them how to get started.


We asked the Executive Director how things have changed with JAMP since working with ListenMi.

"ListenMi has helped us become a better advocacy group by teaching us how to communicate our message: tell people why they should care, energize them, and call on them to act.

I'm now taking the things you taught me and using them to help other groups as well. That's how you've impacted us. Yes, your finished product is great. But it's your thorough, detailed process that makes you guys a winner. Thank you!"

-Jeanette C.


Empowering through Advocacy

JAMP won a 2021 RJR Gleaner Honour Award for their fact-based initiatives to improve public accountability through outreach, advocacy, and transparent monitoring.

Our radio ads led to a 59% increase in user visits to jampja.org, and a 67% increase in site sessions. Our video series, which generated over 297,000 Youtube views, is now being used in donor-funded workshops, local and global, to unpack the role of citizens in government accountability. Due to their effectiveness in communicating the concepts, these videos are now shown daily before the public broadcast of Parliamentary sittings.

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