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Art Direction


Close but not quite

We’ve all been there, typing out some very Jamaican thoughts and thinking, ‘there should be an emoji for this.’

And though the digital world is vast, Jamaican options often fall short. There's a certain essence to Jamaican expressions, a unique blend of humour, spirit, and vibes. And in its absence we found ourselves improvising with available emojis, but it was always close but not quite.


Express Yuhself!

Enter Fimimoji—our answer to the call for a more authentic Jamaican digital expression. We thought, "Why not create emojis, stickers, and GIFs that truly speak our language?" And that's exactly what we did. And what started as an idea, became a movement to digitize our dialect and cultural nuances.

From Concept to Culture: It started within our own team, creating and using Fimimoji in our Slack chats, adding a bit of home to our workday. We then launched Fimimoji online, inviting everyone to communicate with a vibe only Jamaica can offer.

Widespread Embrace: The response was nothing short of incredible. Fimimoji stickers and GIFs began popping up everywhere—WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. They became a new way for not just Jamaicans but the world to share a piece of the island's soul.


150 million+ views

A Digital Phenomenon: With over 153 million views on Giphy alone, Fimimoji has become a digital sensation, proving that when you create something with genuine heart, the world takes notice.

Bringing Us Together: Fimimoji has done more than just fill a gap in our emoji keyboards; it has connected people. It's a celebration of Jamaican culture that's brought us, and the world, a little closer together.

Fimimoji is more than just emojis; it's a statement. A statement that our culture, our expressions, and our vibes deserve a place in the digital landscape. By infusing our online conversations with true Jamaican spirit, Fimimoji has not only preserved our cultural identity but has shared it with the globe. So, the next time you see a Fimimoji in the wild, remember—it's more than an emoji; it's a piece of Jamaica.

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