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Status: It's complicated.

'Monetary policy setting and regulation.' Not the sexiest of topics.

Yet the Bank Of Jamaica needed the average Jamaican to not only be aware of its inflation policy, but also to understand how their purchasing habits impact the policy's success. They wanted to make monetary policy appealing to pique people's curiosity, and easier to understand to drive meaningful conversation.


From logo to mojo

We helped them achieve this by iconifying the crocodile from the BOJ's coat of arms into Croc. O. Doyle; a suave, secret agent persona inspired by the legendary James Bond, whose world renown character was created in Jamaica by writer Ian Flemming.

We created a series of memes and gifs featuring the newly created debonair agent, a ‘sophisticated weapon of good economic policy.' Paying homage to the suave James Bond, we gave our crocodile an irresistible secret agent persona, which made him quite the sought after character on Twitter.


"The ListenMi team is very talented, creative, professional, friendly, gives good customer service and patience along with great products, and delivers truly world-class work.

As a highlight, they helped us bring to life the Croc O. Doyle character! Developing this digital spokesperson has increased our brand affinity, audience engagement and boosted understanding of monetary policy."

Tony M. Bank of Jamaica


It’s Policy. Monetary Policy.

The results were twofold.

By creating the Central Bank's first digital spokesperson, we helped infuse new life into BOJ's brand. We also helped boost public engagement to demystify the intricacies of monetary policy for the public.

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