"With a lil’ imagination and lots of fun,
together we can get it done"

5-year-old Kam Kam and friends are on a mission to explore fantastical worlds, helping alien creatures get their everyday chores done and unriddle problems while having fun with music, games, teamwork and imagination

Meet the Krew

Through every crazy, fantastical, adventure, Kam Kam and friends learn to depend on each other- physically and emotionally. They also realize that even while exploring their own fantasy worlds, doing things that don’t come easily like teamwork and talking about their feelings, is a big part of having fun.


Kam Kam turns everyday activities into musical adventures with upbeat tunes that put others in the mood to get dressed for school, brush their teeth or even share toys when they don’t want to. We have strong experience in music production and we want kids dancing to the beats and remembering these songs long after the show ends.
Here are some of the most memorable scenes!