The Sunrise

May 15, 2020
Miekia Page

It had just rained the night before and the Forest was dark, damp , and muddy the birds chirping like they knew the sun was soon to rise. “This is the last time we’re doing this” I tell Skyler as we trudge through the wet mud. She chuckles and replies breathily as she stumbles on a stick in the trail “You say this every time we come out here crystal” I let out a huff and roll my eyes. I think to myself this is the last time I wake up out of my warm bed to watch the sun rise with my best-friend over the mountain no matter how breathtaking it is.  “Crystal!” I hear Skyler yell. I quickly snap out of my daydream and see she is a a couple feet ahead of me as I jog to catch up I trip and fall into the cold and soggy mud. I hear Skyler howling of laughter. As I slowly push myself up out of the cold mush shivering slightly looking down at my now soggy clothes I mutter “yeah yeah laugh it up” Skyler replies still letting out chuckles “ only you could be so clumsy to trip on air” All if a sudden we heard a low growl. Instantly we froze the stories my dad used to tell us about the wolf in the woods filter back into my mind. “Cr-Crystal di-did you hear that?” skyler stumbles over her words “yeah... I did it was probably nothing” I let out a unsteady laugh.  I survey the forest but all I see is shadowy figures of trees my eyes pass over something red at first glance my eyes snap back and I lock eyes with glowing red eyes starring straight back at me I feel goosebumps start to rise on my arms as a cold chill passes through my body “Crystal lets get going we have an hour before sunrise” I faintly hear Skyler say. “Sky something is watching us” I say in a breathily whisper never taking my eyes of the creature. Skyler never replied but took off running. I couldn’t believe my best friend of 6 years left without me but I quickly shook out of my shock and ran after her. “Skyler!” I bellow hearing a howl behind me and thunderous paws I would assume hit the ground. Sprinting through the trees I see vines and tree trunks and leaves pass by me in a blur. My heart pulsing through my chest as loud as ever and my one thought is that it may be the last time I hear it. I can sense the wolves catching up and I totally lost sight of Skyler and I pray she’s ok. I can feel the hot breath of the predator behind me teasing me as if though I am it’s prey. It’s a matter of minutes before I’m gone I heard the wolf leap and it’s furry body landed on top of mine and everything went black.

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