The School Dungeon

May 3, 2020
mezan McLean
once upon a time there was a school called crown lake..... a girl name jo recently repeat her form 3 classroom everyone has laughed calling jo horrifying names... she reported to the crown lake principals office... meeting her new elected principal ms.rose... ms.rose listened keenly to what jo has said.... she discovered a group called the pop girls were involved....the head of the pop girls is also known as jenille she was the main culprit of the name calling that jo has reported to ms.rose... ms. rose then called jenille name on the speaker calling her immediately to her office... ms.rose then questioned her... she asked for her shock she discovered that jenille last name is linton.... ms.rose remembered she was the daughter of her bully in high school. for a second: ms.rose demanding revenge so she quietly handled the situation telling both the girls not to repeat this action..... the next day: jenille was in her college room with her roommate jessie until jenille saw a letter that was sent under the room door... stay tuned for next chapters
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