Love From The Coffee Shop

May 3, 2020
Gabriella Robinson
gabriella robinson
“Get Coffee, then interview at ten then…” I’m a very busy girl. Here I am planning my day, not because I have to but because it’s a reflex. Today was one of my lightest days, but I had to be completely organized, even now, or it’ll throw me off. I hate surprises but I wish that one day, a good surprise will come and make my day, instead of utterly destroying it. Ring. Ring. Ring. “Hello, this is Jenna,” I answered the phone with my receptionist’s voice. “ You know, it’s me. Why do you always do that?” complained Rachel. Rachel has been my best friend since elementary school. I always answer her calls this way, because it makes us both laugh. “ Reflex?” “No honey, habit. This is why you need to get out more; loosen up. Gosh, girl, you need to live a little.” “You know, I don’t live, I work! I have an Empire to build!” “ Don’t you want someone to share your Empire with?” “ Yeah, but …” “ No, buts. You’re coming to my party later to have fun, meet people and most of all Get Away From Work!” “But …” Beep. She hung up the phone. Dang it! Why do I always set myself up for this? Now I’m going to have to fake an injury or something. Wait, Rachel knows me better than that, I have to go. Ugh, this is going to be a disaster. New York, Big City with high rise buildings , lots of opportunities, yellow taxis, populated by an army of strangers ... and me. You might be wondering what a girl like me is doing in a city like New York. The answer is ‘It’s New York’. I give off a quiet, country vibe. I don’t support noise pollution, I’m introverted and I really don’t like the cold. But many good things have happened here, job opportunities opened up and my best friend is here. There’s also my favorite coffee shop, Coffanic. Weird name, I know, but, the coffee is delicious. Oh, there it is, a small red brick building with glass windows and the company name in big, capital, lit-up letters. As I push the glass door open the familiar sound of the bell rang and I take a deep breath of freshly brewed coffee simultaneously walking to the line to order. Every time I walk into this shop I take a very long gaze around the place. Today was no different. As I stand in line taking in the low, yellow light fixtures, brown accent wall and steel tables with varying numbers of white chairs tucked under them. I also take in the long brown counter inset with a glass refrigerated pastry display, holding delicious, mouthwatering treats. Then the person in front of me got caught in my gaze. It was a man in a blue shirt and long black pants. He had a slim yet muscular built. His complexion was a little lighter than mine; more of caramel, nude melanin. What really caught my attention was the jet black hair, trimmed in a straight, neat, hairline. “Parker?” that was the first thing that came to mind and my mouth decided to say it. In response, the man turned around and his brown eyes locked into mine. He ran his right hand across his fade while his left hand was in his pocket. My heart quickened. Then he said, “Jenna?” “Hey, long time no see.” His soft rosy lips parted into a smile. “ Uh… same here.” I said awkwardly but hopefully not too noticeably. This was Parker Mason, my crush since elementary school. People say that your taste in people changes as you grow older, but I really can’t relate right now. He sparked even more attraction in my heart than ever before. No one could have expected me to be cool in this situation, especially if they knew my personality, timid. There, in front of me stood the love of my life. Eighteen years, I’ve liked him for eighteen years and now it seems I’m still counting. Sadly, I had blown every chance of ever telling him. Maybe, today would be different? “Wow!” he said with a chuckle. I didn’t know if it was out of surprise or disgust. He had a very strange expression on his face. “What?” I asked “Someone had a glow up since the last time I saw them.” “Huh? Thanks so have you… Hey, the line is moving .” “Oh! Sorry.” I deliberately brought attention to the line even though there was no one behind us. Luckily for me, he’s next. I’m so nervous. I’m glad it wasn’t a case where I said ‘Got to go’ in the middle of the conversation. We both ordered, but after, Parker invited me to sit at an empty two-seated table. I accepted the offer so he pulled the chair for me to sit down before he took his seat. There was an awkward silence. I think it was because we were both processing the fact that we had both told each other that they looked good and now we are sitting at a table together. That is definitely why I’m silent. Most likely owing to his decision to invite me to sit, Parker broke the few seconds of silence. “So, Jenna, how have you been?” “ Um .. Good, and you?” still trying to stomach what was happening. “Also good. I’ve scored a job as a construction worker.” “ Oh, nice. I’m an interior designer. I am the person they hired to renovate this place.” “Wow!” “
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