The Only One

May 3, 2020
T'anna Mattis
A perticular morning there was a boy but that boy was the laziest boy there could ever be and that boy was named John you would never do what his mother would tell him all he did was always sit on the couch watch TV play games on his phone and nothing else he was just lazy nobody would beat what he did he had three siblings who did work better than him sometimes he would just stay in his room for the whole day his hobby was being lazy obviously so that one day his one of his sisters came to him saying "oh John you do nothing in this house you never change' she said John replied "I'm a teenager I can do whatever I want I don't have to listen to anybody orders.A day past and the sister reported to the others saying "I have a plan to get John cleaning we have to hurry before he finds out what we're planning"the girls planned and planned until they final figured out . It was the next day and they've put there plan in set, they took out evey electronic device and his their couch the mother knew what was going to happen she was in the plan too as John woke up walking through the hall he screamed"were in the carnations is the couch where is my tablet where is my phone" the mother said "you are going to get back to coach get back your tablet get back your phone when you start working in this house" fine but I'm doing this for my thing " John replied. John was working and there was no problem he should have realised that he was not going to get back the gadgets but he did get back the couch and they lived happily ever after.THE END
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