The Lost Puppy

June 10, 2020
T'anna Mattis
One day, T'Anna came home expecting two pups jumping up on her but instead there was one who wasn't Toby. She went inside the house thinking maybe he's sick. She asked her mom where he is and she replied "I havn't seen him all morning, maybe he's just hiding." TAnna went outside to look for Toby in the dog house but no Toby. She eventually put up posters but still no Toby. A jolly good morning for her means spend time with and petting Toby but instead today she stayed in her room . She wasn't that jolly as I said .Her mom came in her room with a smile on her mouth she said maybe we can search for him but Tanna said it was too late. The mother sent a secret search party who knows what might unfold next. To be continued... (Part two of The Lost puppy) The mother's search for the puppy Toby progress was going great and Tanna hadn't find out yet because her father was distracting her with some fun game to cheer her up about Toby.All her freinds know about the secret search .Tanna was very suspicious about them and her mom because her mom told a lie that she was taking night shift but it wasn't fully a lie because she did take the night shift looking for little Toby. T'Anna was eager to find out what was going on so she told a lie to her father about going to the bathroom and climbed out the window. What she saw was one surprise. She saw millions of people putting up posters of her lost pup Toby . There was a literal truck load of the posters of her only one pup and her mom was driving that same truck. It was a jaw dropping sight for T'Anna literally. (Part three of The lost puppy) T'Anna crawled into the back off the truck to see a big jolly surprise before she could scream she was caught, she stuttered for she saw her pup after three months. The pup was so happy to see her, he actually jumped in her hands . Tanna said I'll be a good mom and never lose you again. The end.
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