The Surprise Puppies

May 3, 2020
T'anna Mattis
One particular morning like any other, T'Anna woke up to her mother standing over her bed. Mother said, "Get up!" T'Anna moaned, saying "Mommy can I get two more minute pretty please?" Mother replied, "You got eight hours of sleep what more can you get?" T'Anna finally got up. T'Anna was in the couch the second she got up. That was when her father came out of his room and went to T'Anna. He said, "Let's go for a walk to walk out those lazybones." And that's when father caught T'Anna's brother trying to sneak a snack to carry to his room. Father said, "You're coming too." As father opened the door, there were puppies. T'Anna screamed in joy, took up one of the pups hugging it. She said "I will name you Toby." Then T'Anna's brother said "Look there's another's one." He took it up and said "Maybe I can take a break from the gadgets." The family got two pups and lived happily ever after. THE END Hey Sheraine Peart Sheraine I made a few edits, adding commas before inverted commas and changed the paragraph spacing to group some scenes together
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