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ListenMi Story

ListenMi is an Animation and Design Studio for diverse immersive content.

We help businesses and production studios deliver creative messages that connect with their audiences. We specialize in animation preproduction, brand designs, campaign designs and sound design. And we produce original projects such as The Adventures of Kam Kam and the Animated Lime Tree Lane series.

Our passion is creating stories that change you.

Our Latest Work

GoLexiGo is an online adventure world where kids invent solutions brought to life in Lexi’s monthly deliveries.

Get monthly online adventure stories & games, designed to inspire creativity, caring & collaboration.

we are experts at


We tap into the spirit of a message to define the common language for understanding it. We use that to write scripts, design creative concepts and build brand identities.


We create art full of colour, purpose and heart. Our designs include characters, backgrounds, storyboards and graphic novel layouts.


We specialize in animation pre-production and short 2D and 3D stories. We enjoy frame by frame animation the most because we feel it best captures the soul of a story.

Sound Design

Our original, custom music has captured moments so well, it has made people cry (true story). We have a team of audio geniuses who produce and arrange film scores, soundscapes, radio ads and record voiceovers.

Our team



Leo Rhule

Creative Director

Jenille Brown


Djet Layne


Gashwayne Hudson


Neil Colley


Kenia Mattis


Eugene Ffolkes

Director/ Business Advisor

David Soutar

Creative Advisor

Donald 'Icon' Medder

CoFounder/ Sound Designer

Roshaun 'Bay-C' Clarke

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How We Work

The Journey

Working with you is a journey of discovery we take together.

We often begin by exploring your problem description by asking questions that lead to key insights. We share our references with you to ensure we understand your objectives and you, our vision.

Ideas take Shape

It all starts with the script. Once we've agreed on what you want to say, we share with you effective options for just how you could say it and be heard.

We then deep dive into the constructive creative process (involving headphones, late nights and project management tools), communicating with you on our progress as we execute the solution with our bare hands.

Your continued feedback and involvement helps us ensure that you're happy with the progress we're making, and we can flag changes early.

While we're thrilled when you love the finished product, we're also excited when you're enjoying the journey.

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