Lunar Ops
A website for Lunar Ops' services in DevOps and Cloud consulting.
Lunar Ops

Design • Copywriting • Web Development

Lunar Ops Inc is a DevOps as a Service company based in NY. They have been growing through word of mouth and wanted to build brand awareness and improve its image online. ListenMi was asked to design a website to help business customers learn about Lunar Ops' services in DevOps and Cloud consulting.

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Project Goals
Improve Lunar Ops Inc brand image online by creating a new website.
Build Brand Awareness.
Attract new client prospects and generate warm leads.
The Process
Lunar Ops' work may be extremely technical, but its language shouldn't be. We made the website's messaging smart yet approachable, designed to encourage a more human interaction with potential customers, reassuring them that the Lunar Ops team can help them serve theirs.

We created a responsive design for use across all devices, complete with their own branded character who embodies their approachable yet advanced methods to helping their clients launch projects.
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