"With the active imagination of a child,
every day is an adventure waiting to happen"

Kam Kam wants to become a space explorer and go where no one has ever gone before.
Her imagination turns everyday experiences into intergalacticosmical space adventures.
A cousin’s birthday, a visit to the market, or a simple bath are Kam Kam’s perfect excuse for a new mission into outer space!
There she will make new friends, face monstrous creatures, make funky music together and learn what it takes to be a real space explorer.

Meet the Krew

Whether she’s with Glowjuice, Cousin Danny, or Barry the Cat - bedtime, a day in the park or a simple trip to the market can become so much more.


These little adventurers explore imaginary galaxies inspired by places close to home, where they encounter creatures who - look suspiciously similar to Kam Kam’s toys and who help her work through her troubles.

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