Finding Fun

Character design • Illustration • Creative Direction• Logo design • Book Layout

Camesha Monteith Smart had a vision for an interactive children’s storybook for Kids ages 6 months and up, and wanted our help in bringing her vision to reality. She had been thinking about doing this for a long time, but concluded that she needed the right creative partner to help bring the image in her mind onto paper.

Excited to take on this challenge, our design team did the 1st thing designers do: ask lots of questions. We collected various references and asked how she felt about them, to help us see what she saw. This wasn't always easy, as visuals and words don't always speak the same language. But we developed a system customized for Camesha, to help refine each illustration until it was what she envisioned or better.

We saw ourselves as a creative partner. That meant designing finishing touches, such as the logo and even helping with copy writing for the online store. But it also meant helping a fellow creative stay motivated on this solo journey into new territory. It can be scary, but our job is to help her create something she feels destined to make.

Her feedback? "5 star rating. I can't wait to share it!"

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